System for the Creation of MU Websites

Do you need to create a website and do not want to be held back by installing and configuring your own system? Are your requirements complex? Are you looking for a stable and reliable custom-made solution? We are offering a CMS Umbraco, a unified web platform built upon Open-source to anyone from the Masaryk University or outside of it.


Website Design

1 July 2016

A new co-worker has joined us to help design and create websites. Free help with website design is provided for any institutional websites of individual units, departments, etc.

The First Parameterised UniWeb

22 February 2016

The website of the Mathematics and Statistics Support Centre at the Faculty of Economics and Administration (mathstat.econ.muni.cz) is the first website to be built with UniWeb, a website builder, which...

The First MU Website in Unified Visual Style

19 January 2016

The first website created in the new visual style of MU: Study at MUNI, a web magazine for applicants http://www.studujnamuni.cz/.

Our System Offers:

We operate Umbraco, a CMS system that allows the creation of custom-made website presentations and information systems, their easy editing and maintenance.

Types of Websites We Offer:

  • websites for faculties, departments and specialised units,

  • website presentations for conferences organized by the university,

  • websites ensuring mandatory project publicity,

  • comprehensive websites and information systems with special functionality

How Are the Websites Operated?

  • Website content administration is always in your hands.
  • Space in Umbraco is provided free of charge, as are operation, security and development 24/7; user support is provided on weekdays during office hours.
  • Monitoring of availability, resolution of errors and analysis of traffic is carried out using Google Analytics.

The Service is Designed For:

  • MU employees (to prepare presentations of their departments/units, projects, conferences and other creative activities)
  • MU students (to prepare presentations of their clubs and other creative activities)
  • MU external customers (to present their activities)

Prepared Functions:

In addition to the regular, basic CMS functionality, the WebCentrum offers some functional unites of a more comprehensive nature. We provide these units free of charge and may modify for a fee whose amount depends upon the work involved. If you’d like to know more about any of the functions or add it to your website, please contact webcentrum@ics.muni.cz. Functions marked with a star are automatically available for all websites.

Language Versions

Multi-lingual websites, comfortable editing of individual language versions, various website structures serving various languages

Editing Authorisation

Authorising the rights to edit entire websites as well as individual pages to MU and external users. Currently available upon e-mail request.

Responsive content

Comfortable creation of rich content and responsive websites.


There is an option to create your own workflow to manage the content on complex websites (approval and other functions).

Cookies Notification

A configurable notification on the use of cookies on the website in accordance with the EU Directive.


Interactive maps of Masaryk University buildings and rooms for your website that allow you to highlight specific areas.

News and events

The system allows news and events to be published on the website. It is also possible to publish several groups of articles in various sections of the website.


RSS news feeds appear on the website in a form that may be machine processed.

Structured Data Record-Keeping

Custom-made structured data record- keeping based upon your requirements. For instance, keeping records of partners, etc.


Searching the website using Google.

Login using external services

This functions allows anonymous login through remote services. Subsequently, it is possible to make a portion of the website available using the ‘Content Protection’ function.

Website Users

User registration, registration administration and custom-made creation of specialized functions for users based upon your requirements.


Sending newsletters to registered users; the option to use a filter respecting the parameters entered.

Conference system

Administration of conference users, purchasing packages using the OC, uploading abstracts and communication with registered e-mail addresses.

MU Database Data

Making some types of MU central data available for adjustable information display (e.g., persons, projects, publications...).


Registrations for seminars or other events; the option to limit capacity and administer registered users.

Content protection

This function allows website pages to be assigned access protection for specified user groups.

I’m interested in creating a website.

To create a new website presentation, please contact webcentrum@ics.muni.cz.

You’ll also need an internet address. As part of the development of your website, we will provide you with a temporary address free of charge; the final address may be either:

  • an address that is part of the faculty domain, e.g., address.ics.muni.cz. We can provide you with this address free of charge,
  • an address that is part of the university domain, e.g. address.muni.cz. We can provide you with this address free of charge as well, however it is intended solely for pan-university presentations,
  • an independent address of the so-called 2nd degree, e.g., www.address.cz.


Who stands behind the System?

WebCentrum development and operation is provided by the Information Systems Division at the MU Institute of Computer Science, who collaborate with their colleagues in other divisions at the MU Institute of Computer Science. The greatest burden of responsibility for the non/functionality of the system is born by the following employees:

Mgr. Lucie Burianová

Customer care

Mgr. Pavel Budík

Head of the project, development of the system core and websites

RNDr. Ing. Bc. Tomáš Majtner, Ph.D.

Implementation of database information displays for MU

Bc. Tomáš Pouzar

Website development, student at the Faculty of Informatics

Mgr. Matej Chudo

Development of the system core, websites and prototype UI

Mgr. Bc. Ladislav Olšák

Communication with users, website development

Mgr. Jaromír Ocelka

Database and System Administrator

Bc. Iveta Burdová

Web architecture design, testing