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“Dear WebCentrum, we have heard you create websites at MU. We have a newly approved project entitled "MU Rectors Through Time" and need to have a website created for it. It must include information about the project, contact information, news, and publications from IS and the Rector’s Database. We'd like it to include the graphics attached. The website should be attractive, keep up with the latest trends, responsive, and respect the MU unified visual style.”

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How should these instructions be transformed into a functional website?

Working with WebCentrum

We'll facilitate your first encounter with the system. We'll try to understand what you need to present and who your target audience is when we design your website's structure and content. The final step, filling it with content, is up to you.

Pros and cons

  • We make the hardest phase of website design easier.

  • You won't be lost in a sea of choices.

  • Once acquainted with Umbraco, you'll take over the website and be independent.  You may be able to create your next website on your own.

  • We can't provide these services for everyone. Details are available in the Service Catalogue.
  • Our time availability and capacity may not suit your needs. Generally, we try to complete websites within approximately one month.
  • Compared to comprehensive third-party services, you'll end up doing lot of the work on your own.

What to do

  1. timeframe, and we'll arrange a meeting.
  2. Based upon the information you provide, we'll design and create an Umbraco website. We'll consult our steps with you as necessary.
  3. We'll hand over the website once it’s been created, show you how to use Umbraco, and then you yourself will fill the site with the actual content. If you have a large amount of content, we can help you get it up on the site.

On your own

If you're confident, you can try to create a website on your own. This solution is ideal only if you have time, patience, and some experience or even training in creating websites.

Pros and cons

  • You'll learn more and have a personal relationship to your website.
  • If you're experienced, or if you're working on multiple websites, you'll be able to work independently.
  • It’s up to you how much time to invest in the project; your website may be readied very quickly, on the order of a few days.

  • You'll lose significant time pursuing dead-ends.
  • The end result may not be the best, and website visitors may frequently be confused.

What to do

  1. Contact us and have a website created.
  2. Acquaint yourselves with the content management system and read manuals.
  3. Try to get original photographs, ideally your own, to accompany your text.
  4. Let yourself be inspired by the website creation materials. In working on the website, keep in mind that you're making it for visitors, not yourself.
  5. Should you have a large volume of text, we can help you get it up on your website for you (e.g., by transferring news from a previous website, etc.).
  6. If you run into any stumbling blocks, contact us.

Third-Party Solutions

If you have experience with website creation, you know it’s a challenging task; if you have funding available, you can hire someone to do the work for you. You'll probably get a quality product, which, however, will be costly.

Pros and cons

  • You'll spend time only on what's really important: the preparation of materials to be presented on your website.
  • With a bit of luck, you'll get a quality website.

  • It'll be fairly costly. Even smaller websites will probably cost you something on the order of several tens of thousands of crowns.
  • If you need extensive modifications, you won't be entirely independent. The website will not be ready immediately.
  • The entire process will take a minimum of several weeks. That's the price you pay for quality.

What to do

  1. Contact us and we'll try to work with you to find a suitable contractor.
  2. We'll pass documentation on the MU visual style and the website construction set to the contractor, so that he or she can base the work on available options, or be ready to expand them.
  3. We'll stay in constant touch both with you and the contractor.
  4. Once the website design is finalized, we'll create your website using Umbraco. We'll agree on how to proceed in filling it with actual content. We can help you both with creating complex websites according to the design, and with filling them with a large volume of text. We can make individual arrangements regarding the need for further programming input.

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