Conference Venue and Date

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Hotel Beatrice a Vinné Sklepy u Jeňoura

Prušánky - Nechory 836, Czech Republic


Important dates


Registration for the Conference Opened

Abstract Submission deadline 21. 7. 2018

Full Paper Submission 27. 7. 2018

Notification of Paper Acceptance 11. 8. 2018
(with any requested changes)

 Payment Deadline 25. 8. 2018

Final Paper Submission 25. 8. 2018



Authors: 6400 CZK – equivalent of 250 EUR (Include: paper publishing, electronic conference proceedings, conference bag and accessories, networking events, food and refreshments)

Additional authors & guests: 4850 CZK – equivalent of 190 EUR (Include: networking events, food and refreshments. Does not include paper publication, intended for accompaniment or other guests).


Not covered in a fee, we sincerely recommend you to book your accommodation directly in Hotel Beatrice a Vinné Sklepy u Jeňoura (conference venue) as soon as possible due to limited capacity. Please, use the subject “Masaryk University” in contact.

Other accomodaton options:

Please reffer to for accomodation options.

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