This is a registration site of the conference CEITEC PhD and Postdoc Retreat 2018 in Telč, 26-27 April 2018. See the website of the conference here.

The registration fee for the conference is 500 CZK for every partcipant. It includes transport, accomodation and meals. It is possible to pay the fee either by card/bank transfer from your account (Standard Registration package) or by internal invoice (Internal Invoice package,  available for MU and CEITEC MU students only).

The deadline for registration is 10 March 2018

Please follow these instructions to register: 

  1. Click on Registration and create an account. 
  2. Choose the registration package - Standard Registration, if you want to pay by card or bank transfer, or Internal Invoice, if you can pay by MU internal invoice (available for MU and CEITEC MU students only, ask your supervisor for permission)
  3. Fill in your details. If you are from CEITEC, please state your Research Group in the Department field. If you are from MU or BUT or any other university (but not from CEITEC), please specify your Faculty and Department.
  4. Upload your abstract - either in .docx or in .zip folder (if you are using TeX). Templates are available here.
  5. Submit the registration.
  6. After the abstract is reviewed, you will be asked to complete the payment of the registration fee (probably in the begginning of April) 

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