CERIT-SC HW resources are part of MetaVO virtual organization of the Czech National Grid Organization MetaCentrum NGI. A registration in MetaVO is required. 

Using of MetaVO is free of charge, we only require agreement with usage rules, acknowlegement in user's publications, and annual report of achieved results.

Usage rules

  • The membership in MetaVO is allowed without any restrictions only to persons from academic environment of the Czech republic, for research purposes only.
  • By submitting an application form you agree with MetaVO usage rules and you certify that you have read and understood terms and conditions of use of MetaVO hardware and software equipment and applications. 
  • The user of MetaCentrum is obliged to use the acknowledgement formula in all publications created with the support of CERIT-SC equipment.

The actual formula is available at the MetaCentrum's ducummentation wiki page https://wiki.metacentrum.cz/wiki/Usage_rules/Acknowledgement

  • Once a year, usualy at the end of calendar year, the user asks for renewal of the memebrship. It is accompanied by annual report with achieved results and filling publications with acknowledgement to CERIT-SC to Perun system.


Persons interested in usage of MetaCentrum resources have to submit the registration form below. The current state of registration can be checked on Registration state checking page.


User access to MetaVO resources is enabled by using your user login name and corresponding password. The password will serve you as the only central password enabling unified access (using Kerberos system technology) to all MetaVO computational capacities.

Please, take the password security properly and seriously (do not choose trivial password, do not write it down anywhere, do not tell it to anybody) and do not forget it firstly! If you accidentally forgot the password, you can set it at My Acccount - Change password.

Annual report

Users groups and users with large CPU time used are obliged to send their annual report to: annual-report@metacentrum.cz


  • the report must be in English
  • preferred format: LaTeX or MS Word


The report shall describe the scientific work related to using MetaVO resources and services in last year(s).

  • article name
  • authors, e-mail of the author of the article, organizations and address
  • abstract
  • the text ;)
  • financing sources (grants, ...), involvement in international research projects (ESFRI, VI,...)
  • used programs and applications
  • list of publications with acknowledgement to MetaCentrum/CERIT-SC

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